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Prayer for Europe - GBM Week of Prayer 2018

With the explosion of Christianity in South America, Africa and parts of Asia, Europe is now the most spiritually needy continent in the world. Some estimates claim that only around 2.5% of the European population are evangelical. But while the UK and Nordic countries are outliers in this regard, in the vast majority of European countries the percentage of evangelicals is less than 2%, with a large minority less than 1%. Europe is now in more need of mission and evangelism than any other continent in the world.

A number of missionaries supported through GBM are working in a variety of contexts across Europe, but the need for more missionaries and prayer is very great. So please join with us this year in our Week of Prayer 2018, from Sunday 10 to Sunday 17 June, as we pray for Europe. We have produced a prayer guide which is in the centre pages of the May GBM Herald. If you do not have a copy you can download the Herald from our website.

We have also made a DVD which has been sent to every supporting church. The DVD contains nine minute-long videos featuring the work in France, Austria, Poland, Serbia, Latvia, GBM Envision (Short-term mission), plus Germany and Spain. These videos are designed to be used during Sunday services or mid-week meetings to encourage and direct your prayers.

Great things are done through prayer. It is through our prayers and the help of the Holy Spirit (Phil. 1:19) that God’s kingdom is advanced. The two go hand in hand. Therefore your prayers are vital to the breakthroughs that church-planters see on the ground in city after city across Europe. Please take the time to join with us in praying both for small churches in places where the work is hard, and for churches that are seeing remarkable blessing at this time. Please encourage everyone in your church to set aside time each day during the week in their own prayer time to join with us in praying for Europe.

Thank you for your prayers.

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