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Root Hill Report 2014

With the end of the summer passing it means that another fantastic Root Hill Camp has taken place and for those of you who weren’t there, here is a little taster of what you missed.

We were delighted to have Matt Gamston with us for the entire week and bringing us six messages on having confidence from the life of John the Baptist. His first message was on having confidence in the Word of God, shown from God fulfilling the promises made 400 years earlier in the birth of Joh the Baptist.

The second message was that we should have confidence in the Justice of God, that God will perfectly judge every person and action, shown through the preaching of Malachi and John the Baptist. Thirdly that we should have confidence in the Identity and Mission of Jesus, shown in the baptism of Jesus by John, the alighting on Jesus of the Holy Spirit and the words of God the Father.

The fourth message was about how we should have confidence in the worth of Jesus. That everything is not about us and our story, but that it is all about Jesus, shown through John’s acknowledgement of Jesus’ greatness that John must decrease and Jesus increase. The fifth instalment was about what to do when you lose confidence, based on John’s question to Jesus about if he is the Messiah. The last message was about having confidence in the value of being a Christian, based on what Jesus said about John.

As well as Matt we were also joined throughout the week by various other Missionaries and speakers who encouraged us by sharing how God was working in different parts of the world and also challenged us from God’s Word to be Godly in thought and action. On Saturday we were joined by Daniel Caballero who spoke to us about ‘Being in Christ’. On Sunday we heard from the Peru Envision team about their time in Peru and how much of a blessing and challenge that was for them.

On Monday we heard from John Benton about “What the elephant said to the blind man” and also from Matt Gamston about what he had learnt from his time as a missionary in the Philippines. On Tuesday we heard from John McDonald about the time he and Marion spent in Morning Star Orphanage in South Africa and how everyone should go out and experience even a short time as a missionary. We also heard from Neil Richardson about Jesus “Buying us back and cleaning us up”.

On Wednesday we heard from Adam Laughton about “What is a healthy church?” Lastly on the Thursday we heard from Fiona Steward about what she had learnt from her time as a missionary in France and also from James Muldoon who encouraged us to “Imitate Christ” from Ephesians chapter 5.

As well as the wonderful ministry there were many other things that went on during the camp. We went laser-questing in Horsham, where some otherwise quiet campers showed keen eyes and ruthless streaks which would be admired by many sporting professionals. We also had our annual walk to the top of Box Hill, where - once your Quads have stopped feeling like they are on fire from the walk up the hill – there was a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside and a frenetic game of football that somehow involved four halves.

Thursday consisted of our trip to the seaside for fish and chips, crazy golf, dodgems and of course ice-cream. Most of the evenings and nights were taken up with games of snooker on the newly added full sized snooker table as well as increasingly weird and wonderful board games as supplied by various campers across the week.

Across the week we were kept well fed and watered by our wonderful cooks and the call for seconds would normally result in a small localised stampede back to the servers for more wonderful food.

The camp ended with a time of sharing where a lot of campers shared how the week had been a blessing and challenge to them and we had the blessing of one of the campers making a profession of faith. This was followed with a BBQ and a night bonfire, which, if you had ever wondered what exactly a burning upright piano would look like, was for you.

All the talks can be found below and are free to listen to and download. To download, right click on link and click “Save link as…”

If you wish to have a copy on CD then please contact the Mission Office. The CD will cost an admin charge of £2.

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Matt Gamston speaking at Root Hill Youth Camp 2014.

Matt Gamston

Daniel Caballero


The evening speakers at Root Hill Youth Camp 2014.