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Espérance Aujourd’hui est une émission radiophonique destinée au monde francophone. Actuellement, elle est diffusée par plus d’une centaine de radios locales. La plupart de celles-ci se trouvent en Afrique francophone, d’autres en Europe et aux Antilles.


Serving Today is a programme in English, aimed at helping pastors and church leaders study the Scriptures and prepare sermons.

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Sound Words is a programme of basic Bible teaching in English, some programmes are evangelistic.  Sound Words is no longer produced, but is still being aired in some countries.

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GBM’s radio ministry began in India more than 50 years ago, producing Tamil programmes to reach into rural areas. The studios in Abingdon were opened in 1976, and these are still the base for programme production. Programmes are aired on TWR (Africa) and many smaller local FM stations.

Audience response to radio programmes made us aware of the great need for literature, particularly among pastors and church leaders around the world and so most series produced also come in booklet form. Radio programmes and series booklets are available for download from this website. Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for or are not able to download the booklet.

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 A three part correspondence course on The Character of God is available for anyone wanting to develop a biblical understanding of this doctrine.

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