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Get Going 2014

At the beginning of May twelve individuals aged from their teens to their fifties joined GBM staff and missionaries to have an in depth discussion about what it means to take part in cross cultural mission. Get Going took place across two days with the attendees arriving on the Friday evening and leaving on Saturday evening.

On the Friday Daryl Jones - the GBM Mission Coordinator – talked through the need for mission before using the book of Jonah to talk through God’s heart in mission. He was also joined by two missionaries as the group looked at how you know if mission is for you; if you’ve been called and if you have relevant gifts.

The Saturday was all about what it means to communicate with other cultures and what should be done next. The first morning session was led by Jim Sayers – GBM Deputy Mission Coordinator – this consisted of looking at the biblical approach to crossing cultures and a seminar on Culture shock.

We had a culture shock seminar. What does it means to go to another country and be suddenly immersed in an entirely different culture? What that can mean for how you talk? How you dress? What you eat? How you greet people? We also discussed various case studies of situations you could find yourself in and what you could do, should do and mustn’t do.

The afternoon then focussed on what they could do next, what they should do next and all the prayer and preparation that could be involved. Firstly one of GBM’s missionaries spoke to them about the challenges that would face them in cross cultural Mission, what principles should guide the and how they could be most effective.

Jim Sayers then talked to them about mission opportunities including Envision – GBM’s short term mission programme – and various other opportunities before Daryl talked them through the process of preparing and actually going.

The weekend was very encouraging; with so many obviously seriously thinking through what God wants them to be doing in the future and considering the place that cross cultural mission plays in that.

‘I found the ‘one to one’ time with members of staff to be highly refreshing as it  give me an opportunity to comfortably discuss my current situation; for which I received  biblical guidance in the ways forward into mission.’

‘I really enjoyed meeting other people who were also interested in mission and considering full time Christian work.  It was encouraging to hear how God is working in their lives. The GBM staff were really friendly and planned a well-organised and useful weekend.  Thank you!’

‘It's hard to think of a better way to spend twenty-four hours!’

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