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“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”

Ephesians 2:10

Saved to Serve is an annual conference which seeks to

“Glorify God by propelling young people into the Lord’s service for the strengthening of the churches”

This year the conference took place at All Nations College, Hertfordshire. It ran over 3 days and was attended by around 70 people who came from as far north as Lancaster and as far south as Guildford.

This year’s talks and workshops were based around reaching out to those around us with the Gospel. The main speaker was Pete Woodcock, a pastor and evangelist from Kingston in London. Pete spoke powerfully from Acts 17 about how we need to see the culture for what it truly is, a culture covered with idols.

Pete talked us through how important it is to be able to show people that even though they don’t realise they have idols in their lives. Whether it be others, sports, money or something else we need to be revealing to others the idols in their lives and the fact that they just don’t and can’t bring happiness.

He showed us how important the resurrection is to the way that people live their lives; comparing living for the now as driving while looking out of the side window. Without a clear view of the resurrection you are not seeing out of the windscreen clearly and therefore you can’t go forward or even know where you are heading properly.

As well as that, Pete talked us through seven different views of what happens when we die and how they are lacking when compared to the resurrection. With this in mind talking about the resurrection is one of the best ways to reach out to the world.

He encouraged us to speak to people in their own language and how to use Paul as a good example of how this should be done. We need to be listening to God to know what we need to say, but we need to be listening to the world and the people around us especially to know how to say it so that they will understand more clearly.

But Pete made it clear that the best way to learn is to get on a do it. We cannot sit around waiting to be perfect at evangelism. To get better we need to get out there and do some.

To find out more about Saved 2 Serve, why not visit their website at

Saved 2 Serve