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Opportunity: Head of Communications

GBM is looking for a new ‘Head of Communications’ as Jim Sayers moves on from GBM…

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Ending the Year in Zambia

Daryl and Julia Jones made a field visit to Zambia to visit Chris and Helen Hawthorne and their family at

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When in Rome...

When in Rome…

They say that when in Rome, do as the romans do. In summer months, that means leaving Rome for the seaside in a desperate

GBM Annual Mission Day 2019

My Church | Our Mission

GBM is a church-based mission, and our Annual Mission Day this year focussed on the role of the local church in world mission…


Trusting God for the Future

Jean Ellis looks back on the way the Lord led her to serve in Austria…

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Hanson Manova

In October we enjoyed a visit from Hanson Manova, an Indian pastor from Namakkal in

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