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Introducing Keith Charlton and OneHundredFold

For some years GBM has been looking for someone who could build on our radio ministry in…

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Envision Teams 2017

Summer is a great time to do gospel work, whether you’re a student with a long summer vacation, or someone who…

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Reaching Catholic Europe Today

2017 marks the 500 anniversary of Martin Luther’s publication of his ninety-five theses in Wittenberg in 1517, an event that sparked…

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New Missionaries 2017

New Missionaries for Europe

In recent weeks GBM Council has approved two new missionary couples to serve in Europe. France and Latvia have both long been countries where …

Geneva to Lima

Geneva to Lima

Daniel Caballero is a UFM missionary working in partnership with GBM, based in his native Lima, Peru. In the past …


Cannibalism to Christ

Jason Murfitt explains the ministry the Lord has given them over the last two years among a small…

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