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The following visual resources are available from GBM to help you and spur you on in the important partnership of prayer for our missionaries. Some resources are available by completing and returning our Resource Order Form. For other resources please contact Mission Centre directly.


Grace to the Nations -
A history of Grace Baptist Mission 1861-2011.
John McDonald. 192pp.

Written to celebrate GBM’s 150th Anniversary in 2011, this is a lively and readable account of GBM’s history through huge changes and world upheavals. The early chapters explain the roots of the then Strict Baptist Mission, their passion for India, and the early days of the pioneer missionaries in Tamil Nadu.

The story of how the gospel came to the Kolli hills, and how a network of churches was planted across South India is a long way from where we are now, yet those early missionaries laid down principles and convictions about cross-cultural mission that still shape our work today. The aim was indigenous churches, and every means possible was used: radio, medical missions and literature vans, outreach to women by women and much more.

In 1967 Mrs Gandhi closed the door to new missionary visas, a God-given earthquake for the Mission that sent us ‘Into all the world’. The book covers the changes of the 1970s, the rediscovery of a church-based model of mission, and the rapid expansion of the 1980s across the world. The final chapter reflects on the leadership of the Mission, and includes a revealing interview with Chris Richards who served as General Secretary for over twenty-five years.

Price £5 including postage and packing. Available from Mission Centre.

Tell all the world -
Church-based mission for the twenty-first century.
Ed. Don Crisp and Jim Sayers. 176pp.

‘World mission is someone else’s job! Leave it to the specialists, the agencies, and let’s concentrate on reaching our local community around our church.’ Sadly, that is often how Christians think about cross-cultural mission. But God has other plans for your church.

God’s plan as set out in Scripture is to put the local church at the heart of world mission. The biblical pattern is for local churches to send out missionaries, and for missionaries to be answerable to the local churches that send and support them. This was the conviction that changed Grace Baptist Mission into a church-based mission back in the 1960s and 70s.

This book, published to celebrate GBM’s 150th anniversary, has been put together to explore the biblical principles of mission, to apply them to a wide range of different cultures, and to show how church-based mission works out in practice.

In five chapters Sukesh Pabari explores the biblical basis of mission, and the means, tools aim and final goal of mission. Then seven different authors look at contexts where GBM works, including India, France, Post-Communist Europe, the Arab World, the Philippines, Latin America and Britain. The introduction explains how GBM came to practice church-based mission, and two final chapters describe the experience of sending and being sent.  Allow this book to ignite your passion to tell all the world of Jesus!

Price £7.99 including postage and packing. Available from Mission Centre.

O Earth! Hear - fifty years of GBM Radio.
Philip Grist. 48pp.

Radio has been part of GBM’s ministry since the 1950s. Tracing the history of the work from valve radios in South India to today’s software-based editing in our Abingdon studios, this book shows the way God has worked in growing a ministry that stretches from New Zealand to Amazonas, and from Haiti to India.

Price £1.50 including postage and packing. Available from Mission Centre.

Mission and Money
Keith Johns

A booklet that seeks to give biblical and practical guidelines for giving money to churches in the developing world. Download a PDF copy here.

Hard copies are available free from GBM Mission Centre.

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The Gospel In African Soil
Ian Flanders. 67pp.

‘Why am I poor?’

‘Why aren’t I being blessed?’

‘Why don’t the promises of the prosperity gospel preacher come true for me?’

These are the kind of questions Ian Flanders is asked by African Christians. Ian broadcasts his GBM Radio programme, Esperance Aujourd’hui, to the French-speaking world, and finds such comments are a common theme among those he reaches. God’s blessing is seen as being particularly in material terms, with the focus on health, money and children. Why is that the case? One reason is the way that African Traditional Religion has crossed over into some elements of African Christianity, so that where the Prosperity Gospel takes hold, it is because it mimics the expectations of people’s traditional religious beliefs.

Reflecting on this during sabbatical leave, Ian produced a paper which has now been published by GBM as The Gospel in African Soil. Whenever we take the Christian faith into a new context, we need to understand the cultural and religious influences on the hearts and minds of those we reach.  Europe and Africa have been brought closer by the ease of international travel and yet in many ways remain worlds apart.  The Gospel in African Soil gives an overview of African Traditional Religion and seeks to understand the various ways in which Christian mission has interacted with this belief system over the past two centuries.  It evaluates some contemporary Christian movements, particularly the Prosperity Gospel, and how they may be influenced by traditional African culture. It also reflects on some potential ways to better communicate the gospel into this context. Ian also poses us in the West with the challenge of depending on God in every aspect of everyday life.

Price £2.50 including postage and packing.

The Reformation: A Sound-bite History
Andrew Cook. 106pp.

As well as doing an extensive Bible survey book by book, and teaching Christian doctrine. GBM’s Serving Today radio programme also teaches a little church history. 2017 is an anniversary year, marking 500 years since martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to the church door in Wittenburg on 31 October 1517. That moment proved the catalyst o the Reformation, setting in motion a movement that, by God’s Spirit, turned Europe upside down.

Andrew Cook has taken the material from these programmes and edited it into a book, The Reformation: A Sound-bite History, published by Christian Focus Publications. The book goes through some of the key events and characters who, under God, brought about one of the most significant changes in the history of the church. Covering great names, such as Martin Luther, and the less well-known such as John Huss, this work presents the essence and impact of this great era.

The Reformation: A Sound-bite History is published by Christian Focus Publications, price £5.99. ISBN 9781781919866.

You can buy your copy from your local Christian bookshop, or from GBM Mission Centre (+P&P).