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Working on four continents

While some mission agencies specialise in a particular area of the world, our focus is on helping UK churches to send their missionaries wherever they believe God is

calling them to serve. While historically our work was focused entirely on the Tamil people of South India, today we are at work in more than a dozen countries on four continents.

If God is calling you to serve in a country where we do not currently support any missionaries, we would still be happy to help you and your church explore

possibilities there. We network with large numbers of churches, individuals and mission agencies across the world, and would be happy to help you find the right

place for you to serve.


Envision is our short-term mission programme, and offers a range of opportunities

at three different levels for those who want to experience short-term cross-cultural mission. We believe that the best way to support mission over a lifetime is to do your part in serving short-term, as the memory of the experience will never leave you, and you will become the most passionate advocate for mission in your church when you return.


Radio programmes and Christian books can go to many places that missionaries cannot go. Since the days of our work in India we have been using Radio as a tool for the gospel and for discipleship and training.

Based at our Mission Centre in Abingdon, our radio team produce Bible teaching programmes in English and French for broadcast across the world.  Alongside our programmes we send out printed resources to listeners who contact us.