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GBM Literature Closes

Over the past year, we have conducted a thorough review of all our activities, looking to see where costs can be reduced in our central operations. In particular, we have focussed on areas where there is an imbalance between expenditure and designated income. As a result the Trustees (Mission Council) have agreed that it is wise for all GBM’s work to be put on a long-term sustainable basis. This means that some difficult decisions have had to be made. One area where running costs far exceed support is GBM’s literature ministry. At first we sought to reduce overheads and to raise extra support. However, this made little impact, and so it was decided by Mission Council that with deep regret the literature distribution ministry would cease by the end of 2018, and that Kester Putman would leave the role of Literature Coordinator. This was by no means an easy decision to make.

Kester says, ‘I have had the privilege of overseeing a project that has sourced thousands of titles each year, for Bible teachers in more than seventy countries. I have enjoyed collaborative partnerships with projects across the developing world, and worked alongside some great colleagues here in the UK. A significant encouragement has been to read notes from appreciative recipients, delighted with literature that helps them in their work’. Following his role with GBM, Kester is moving to work with a trust that provides ministry training for the Farsi-speaking world.

Many will be aware that Kester has also been through very trying family circumstances.  Daryl Jones, GBM Mission Director, says, ‘In all of this we must pay special tribute to Kester who has laboured under some great difficulties and has responded to this decision with grace. Our hearts go out to him with the home call of Nicola. We are so pleased that he is going to a new work in the field of mission. And the legacy of the literature sent will continue beyond all our time with GBM”.

The changing world of literature ministry

Over the lifetime of GBM’s literature ministry, an increasing range of other literature ministries have developed as well as newer technologies that are distributing literature across the world. Indeed, GBM Lit has partnered with a number of these ministries. Many of these groups sell their books in the countries where they work, and it is less helpful to them for us to be sending our books to individuals in those countries free of charge. We will continue to encourage ministries that place appropriate literature in the hands of Bible teachers across the world, and indeed many of our own missionaries are already involved in this in different ways.

 The GBM Radio team will continue to produce and send out radio booklets related to their programmes, and these have a wide circulation. A number of other missionaries, such as Malcolm and Ruth Firth in Latvia and Andrzej and Monika Kempczyński in Poland, are involved in translating books into local languages. Graham and Sally Jones sell books at many events in Western Kenya, while Evangelical Literature Incorporated in Manila has a valued ministry across the Philippines.

 We are very grateful for those who have been regular supporters of our #Books4pastors project. This comes to a close at the end of 2018, and so by the time you read this we should have contacted all concerned regarding their support.