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Let’s Go!

Let’s Go! is GBM’s new magazine for children, launched at our Annual Mission Day in October 2017. We publish this twice a year, for Easter and October. This is a magazine for primary school children, with lots of picture-based stories for younger children to enjoy, as well as one or two slightly longer features for KS2 readers.

Let’s Go! is 16 pages long, and includes a number of regular features. Every edition will include a Bible story related to mission. There is a pull-out photo for you to put up on your bedroom wall or the fridge door. There is a recipe to bake, and a craft to download from the link below. You can find out 30 fascinating facts about the Philippines, or see what life is like for children in another country. Scattered through the magazine are several quizzes and puzzles, and if you fill out the competition coupon, you might even win a prize next time.

We hope that children’s workers in churches will want to use this to explain world mission to the children in your church. We believe that you’re never too young to be part of thinking about mission and praying for the work that is being done.

Let’s Go! is available on subscription only. One year’s subscription is £3. So, for example, if you order 10 copies for your church children’s work, the annual subscription is £30. A subscription form can be downloaded here.

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Let’s Go! is designed by Allison Hodgkiss of

AH Graphic Design