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Latvia joined the EU in 2004 and enjoyed an economic boom, but the credit crunch destroyed this, and the economy shrank by 20%. Life has been tough for many people, and though the economy is now growing fast (5.6% in 2012), outside Riga many peoples’ lives remain unaffected. There is a prevalent attitude of spiritual apathy and hopelessness among many. Latvia is also divided by its Soviet dominated past, with a large minority speaking only Russian, which was recently rejected as an official language in a referendum. Work among young people is vital, as they often have a different outlook to those who lived through Communism, and may be more open to the gospel.    


Population: 2,165,165

Median age: 41.4 years

Language:  Latvian (official) 56.3%, Russian 33.8%

Adult literacy: 99.8%

GDP per capita: $19,100

(Country comparison to

the world - 74 out of 229)

Evangelicals: 7%

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