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A New Literature Coordinator for GBM

We are pleased to announce that GBM Council has appointed Kester Putman to succeed Maciek Stolarski as GBM’s Literature Coordinator. Kester will be based at Mission Centre in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, and he begins work on October 6th.

Kester grew up in Tring in Hertfordshire, and became a Christian soon after leaving school at eighteen. After a number of years in work he was sent by his church, Akeman Street Baptist in Tring, to train for ministry at WEST. He served for eight years in Islington Gospel Outreach based at Highbury, before moving to serve as pastor at Church Hill Baptist Church, Walthamstow.

Kester finishes his pastoral ministry there in the next few weeks and plans to start work in Abingdon on 6th October. He will overlap with Maciek and Mary Stolarski for a few months as they prepare to retire. Moving the literature ministry from its present base in Southport to operate from Mission Centre in Abingdon will mean some changes, but the core work of supplying good Christian books to pastors and others in the developing world remains the same. We currently send over 12,000 books per year to fifty-eight countries around the world.

Kester is keen to develop the opportunities presented by new technologies, using web-based resources suitable for downloading to a mobile phone or an e-reader. He says ‘Whilst British consumers bought millions of physical books last year, the use of

smart-phones and e-readers is growing exponentially all over the globe, even where users are beyond the electrical grid. Data can be passed from one device to another with increasing ease, and even those with limited reading skills can listen anywhere to downloaded podcasts.  It seems that providing resources in multifarious ways is a good means of growing understanding of reformed teaching in today’s increasingly connected world.’

GBM’s Mission Coordinator Daryl Jones says, ‘We are excited that the Lord has provided Kester for this work. His training and experience in pastoral ministry, together with his previous connections with literature work, provide a good combination for the work from here onwards. He has presented us with some thoughtful and exciting plans for where the Mission’s literature work can develop from here, and we pray God will work through him in the days to come.’  

The Literature Coordinator is a missionary appointment, so Kester will need to raise full financial support. Churches that are interested in supporting his work financially are welcome to invite Kester to visit to preach and talk about his work.  

Kester will need secretarial support in the literature ministry. If anyone is interested in knowing more, please contact the Mission Coordinator Daryl Jones.

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