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Growing Small Churches

In trying to grow healthy churches across the UK, small churches may not often get much attention. Over 2016 and 2017 we have run a number of events, together with Grace Baptist Partnership and AGBC(SE) under the banner ‘Growing Small Churches.’ This event was a day conference to help smaller churches look at their own situations and ask how they can grow. The focus of the day covered three key questions: How can we make an impact in our evangelism? How can we develop leadership and direction in the church? What can we learn for our situation from cross-cultural mission across the world?

Nigel Hoad of AGBC (South East) Home Mission led the first session on ‘Can a church like us do evangelism?’ In what ways should a small church best use its time in reaching out to their community? Barry King (Grace Baptist Partnership) looked at the vital issue of leadership. How can a small church identify and train new leaders from among its members? Jim Sayers (GBM) explored how small churches can learn from world mission. How is it that we can be zealous in supporting and praying for pioneer missionaries on the other side of the world, but neglect mission in our own town or village? What can a small church learn from cross-cultural mission?

While there are regions of the country where we have yet to hold this event, no further dates have been scheduled for this event. News of upcoming ‘Growing Small Churches’ events will be posted here.

Talks given at the Wiltshire ‘Growing small churches’ day can be downloaded here:


Nigel Hoad

Recordings from the “Growing Smaller Churches” event.


Barry King

Recordings from the “Growing Smaller Churches” event.


Jim Sayers

Recordings from the “Growing Smaller Churches” event.