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GBM Annual Mission Day 2018

The task of mission is by no means finished. Many nations and people groups remain unreached – that is, the Christians among them are so few that they need outside help to reach the whole of their nation. Some of these people groups are remote tribes, others are nations within Europe. In vast areas of Central Asia there are people who have never met a real Christian or heard a presentation of the gospel. If we are to be committed to reaching every people, every nation then the task is huge and we must redouble our efforts in the work of world mission.

Join us for GBM’s Annual Mission Day 2018 in Solihull on Saturday 27 October. Listen to presentations from those serving in mission. This year we hope to be joined by missionaries from Brazil, Poland, the Balkans, Central Asia, East Africa, UK Asian outreach and GBM Radio. One of the main features of the day will be the special multi-media presentation at 3.00 pm in which we will be focussing on the needs of unreached people groups.

GBM is a mission agency that belongs to a group of Grace Baptist churches, and so an essential part of the day is our church delegates meeting at 11:00am. This elects the Council, approves the Annual report, and scrutinises the finances of GBM, as well as approving the budget for the coming year.  

The day finishes with a final session of worship where this year’s preacher will be David Campbell. David is a Scot who has pastored in Darlington before moving to the USA to minister in Pennsylvania, He is now back in the UK and serves as pastor at North Preston Evangelical Church.

There is a ‘Mission Club’ in the afternoon for primary school children, which will be led by Mike Parsons and a team from Grace Church Guildford.

You can also download a pdf of directions to the Renewal Centre here.


There are two locations for food on site. In the foyer drinks will be served through the day and sandwiches and meal deals will be available from 12:00noon to 14:30pm. There is also a café in the Renewal Family Centre behind the main building, which will be providing the same service at lunchtime. If you want to get a meal after 6:00pm before a journey home, there are plenty of options locally in Solihull.


Volunteers are vital to ensure the smooth running of such a large event. As always, we particularly need stewards for all the meetings. If you are able to help with this, please let us know beforehand via our contact form.

Below you can watch and download a short advert about our Annual Mission Day to use at your church.

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