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James Hammond

James Hammond

James Hammond is a Canadian who came to London to train for ministry, not really knowing where God was calling him…

Get Going

Get Going Conference

We are passionate about bringing God’s grace to the nations, so we are eager to see a new …

Hannah Prior

Introducing Hannah Prior

In March GBM Council appointed Hannah Prior to serve …


Get Going 2014

At the beginning of May twelve individuals aged from their teens to their fifties joined…

Get Going Report Annual Mission Day

Annual Mission Day 2014

GBM’s Annual Mission Day takes place this year on Saturday 25th October at Friends House, Euston, in London…


Athelington 2014

This year’s Athelington Family Camp is all set to take place…

Athelington Report

Athelington Report 2014

Every two years GBM’s family camp takes places at Athelington Hall. Set in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, you spend…

Kester Putman

New Literature Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that GBM Council has appointed Kester Putman to succeed Maciek Stolarski as GBM’s Literature Coordinator…


Nearly ready for GBM Annual Mission Day

With only two weeks to go until our Annual Mission Day, we are excited to report …

Annual Mission Day Update + READ MORE

Hothorpe Conference 2015

GBM’s Summer Holiday is all set to take place from the …

Hothorpe Conference 2015 + READ MORE

South Africa Envision Team 2015

6 million people in South Africa live with HIV/AIDS, one in eight of the population. This is the …

South Africa Envision Team 2015 + READ MORE

Engaging with Asians

In the 2011 census 4,193,600 people recorded themselves as either Muslim, Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist. While not all …

Engage Forum 2015 + READ MORE

New Across The Nation Downloads

We produce Across the Nations audio downloads on various mission-related subjects, and we have just  …

Across The Nations + READ MORE

GBM Week of Prayer 2015

Many of the missionaries supported through GBM say that one of the great things about GBM is …

Week Of Prayer 2015 + READ MORE
Local Church Global Mission

Local Church Global Mission

Once again GBM is delighted to be partnering in the Local Church Global Mission conference. This year we …

Finance Manager

New GBM Finance Manager Needed

Andrew and Ruth Sadler have decided that their years serving in GBM Mission Centre should come to an end towards …

Root Hill 2015

Root Hill Youth Camp 2015

We are really looking forward to our Root Hill youth camp which runs Saturday 22-29 August. Root Hill farm is…

Annual Mission Day 2015 Report

GBM Annual Mission Day 2015

It is something quite special that in the UK today nearly 700 people will come together for a Saturday completely focussed on …

Athelington 2016

Athelington 2016

It is something quite special that in the UK today nearly 700 people will come together for a Saturday completely focussed on …

Helping Smaller Churches Grow

Helping Smaller Churches Grow

While larger churches in towns and cities often grab the attention and shape the discussion about UK church life, often it is smaller…

European Conference

European Missionaries Conference

In the week after Easter we gathered all the missionaries serving in continental Europe for a conference in Padua, Italy. The first gathering of its kind, it proved to be…

Across The Nations - Daniel Cabellero

Across The Nations Downloads

As well as our monthly Prayer Waves audio and video bulletin, which is sent to supporting churches and…

Annual Mission Day 2016

GBM Annual Mission Day 2016

GBM’s Annual Mission Day is this Saturday! Join us at Friends House, opposite Euston station in London for one of the biggest …

Charney Manor 2017

Charney Manor: A New GBM Summer Break in 2017

In 2017 we move our summer holiday event to Charney Manor in …

ATN - Sarah Clay

Across the Nations: Sarah Clay

Sarah Clay works with the Rainbow Association high in the Andes Mountains…

Typhoon Yolanda

The response to Typhoon Yolanda

Matt Gamston travelled down to Panay Island to see the damage for himself. Matt knows the area well, having visited to train pastors in a local Bible college. This is how he described what he saw…

Saved 2 Serve Report

Saved 2 Serve Conference

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” Ephesians 2:10…


Week of Prayer - Recruiting New Workers

Join with us and hundreds of other churches across Britain in praying for new . …

Week Of Prayer + READ MORE
Ebbsfleet Development

‘New Garden City’ = ‘New Gospel Opportunity!’

In his March budget, George Osborne gave fresh impetus to the Government’s plans…


Living the Gospel

Megumi Aoki, team leader on this year’s Envision Team, reports on their time in Peru….

Living The Gospel + READ MORE

Root Hill 2014

Root Hill youth camp takes place every August in the quietness of the Surrey countryside for  17 - 30 year olds. The camp is…

Root Hill + READ MORE

Root Hill Report 2014

With the end of the summer passing it means that another fantastic Root Hill Camp has taken place and for those of you who weren’t there…

Root Hill Report + READ MORE

A full house for GBM’s Annual Mission Day

About 800 people gathered at a newly refurbished Friends House in London for …

Annual Mission Day Report + READ MORE

Envision Team Latvia 2015

With 2015 quickly approaching, you need to start considering your holidays …

Envision Team Latvia 2015 + READ MORE

Saved2Serve 2015

Saved2Serve is an annual event for young people aged between 15 and 25. It has a very clear aim and seeks to…

Saved2Serve 2015 + READ MORE

Overcome Evil With Good

The attacks in Paris on the morning of 7th January and in the days that followed have shaken …

Charlie Hebdo + READ MORE

French Europe Day Conference

GBM is delighted to be sponsoring a day conference considering gospel opportunities in Francophone Europe …

Avancez + READ MORE

European Union and Mission

With the upcoming general election, one of the big issues for all the political parties is the relationship between the UK and the rest of the EU …

Mission In Europe + READ MORE

Brighton Mission Weekend

Brighton is a city of 273,000 people, perhaps the most bohemian city in the country, known for its art, music, students and general libertarianism.

Brighton Mission Weekend + READ MORE

Annual Mission Day 2015

On the eve of the First World War, the foreign Secretary Edward Grey stood looking out of his window in the foreign office, watching the gas lights being lit. He was heard to say…

Annual Mission Day 2015 + READ MORE

Bilingual Church in Bordeaux

The centre of Bordeaux is a grid of stone apartment buildings that form one of the most beautiful city centres in Europe. Expensive shops and street cafés jostle with the…

Bordeaux Church + READ MORE

Root Hill Youth Camp Report 2015

As Annual Mission Day quickly approaches, this marks the end of another summer and the passing of another Root Hill Youth Camp. For those of you who missed out…

Root Hill Report 2015 + READ MORE

Summer Envision Teams 2016

As Annual Mission Day quickly approaches, this marks the end of another summer and the passing of another Root Hill Youth Camp. For those of you who missed out…

Summer Envision Teams + READ MORE


Joseph is a pastor in Uganda. He pastors a village church that started…

Books4Pastors + READ MORE

What is an Envision Placement?

Over the last couple of years our Envision Teams have  developed into…

Envision Placements 2016 + READ MORE

Athelington 2016

Our Athelington summer holiday runs from Saturday 30 July to Saturday 6 August. It is good to…

Athelington 2016 + READ MORE

Annual Mission Day Report

GBM’s Annual Mission Day 2016 happened at Friends House in Euston, London on the 29th of October. Over 600 people…

Annual Mission Day 2016 Report + READ MORE

The Gospel In African Soil

‘Why am I poor?’

‘Why aren’t I being blessed?’

The Gospel In African Soil + READ MORE
Saved2Serve 2017

Saved2Serve Conference 2017

Saved2serve is a weekend event for Christian young people aged 15-25, which takes place around …


Introducing Keith Charlton and OneHundredFold

For some years GBM has been looking for someone who could build on our radio ministry in…

Keith Charlton and OneHundredFold + READ MORE

Local Church Global Mission Conference 2017

GBM is a church-based mission. We believe that the local church is at the centre of God’s

Local Church Global Mission 2017 + READ MORE

Envision Teams 2017

Summer is a great time to do gospel work, whether you’re a student with a long summer vacation, or someone who…

Envision Teams 2017 + READ MORE

Reaching Catholic Europe Today

2017 marks the 500 anniversary of Martin Luther’s publication of his ninety-five theses in Wittenberg in 1517, an event that sparked…

Reformanda Initiative + READ MORE
New Missionaries 2017

New Missionaries for Europe

In recent weeks GBM Council has approved two new missionary couples to serve in Europe. France and Latvia have both long been countries where …

Geneva to Lima

Geneva to Lima

Daniel Caballero is a UFM missionary working in partnership with GBM, based in his native Lima, Peru. In the past …


Cannibalism to Christ

Jason Murfitt explains the ministry the Lord has given them over the last two years among a small…

Cannibalism to Christ + READ MORE

Increasing and Spreading

Jim Sayers reports on a field visit he made to Kenya in February, starting in

Increasing and Spreading + READ MORE

It’s About How You Come Across

The golden rule on the Isle of Man is not to say ‘I’ve come from the British mainland.’ People will only smirk at you. After all, Britain is also…

It’s About How You Come Across + READ MORE
Root Hill Report 2017

Root Hill Report 2017

Outside the mission centre in Abingdon, the leaves on the trees are turning brown and beginning…


An Indian Homecoming

In January, Graham Field made a trip back to South India where he grew up. He was part

An Indian Homecoming + READ MORE

Annual Mission Day 2017

GBM’s Annual Mission Day is one of the largest world mission gatherings in the UK. This year we meet at Friends House

Annual Mission Day 2017 + READ MORE
Annual Mission Day 2017 Report

Annual Mission Day 2017 Report

GBM’s Annual Mission Day is always a special day for us, as over 700 of our supporters come to listen to GBM missionaries and enjoy …


A Watershed Moment in Colombia

Jim Sayers made a field visit to Colombia in May, visiting Theo and Sonja Donner and seeing the work of the Biblical Seminary of Colombia. Life is.…

A Watershed Moment in Colombia + READ MORE

Deep in the DRC

In the Democratic Republic of Congo a sadly typical African scenario is being played out.  The incumbent…

Deep in the DRC + READ MORE

Week of Prayer

Mission often takes us to hard places, where there is strong resistance to the gospel. This may be because…

Week of Prayer + READ MORE

Hello, South Africa!

Ben Robinson spent eight weeks after Easter this year serving an Envision placement in South Africa. These are his memories.

Hello, South Africa! + READ MORE

Taking The Jeepney To Church

The Philippines is a young country, in the sense that so many of its population are children and young people. Aries and Jodith Liboro have worked…

Taking the Jeepney to Church + READ MORE
Zimbabwe – a new beginning?

Zimbabwe - A New Beginning?

Jim Sayers reports on the recent political upheaval in Zimbabwe, and its effect on local Christians

Promoting Mission in your Church

Promoting Mission in your Church

GBM’s Annual Mission Day is always a special day for us, as over 700 of our supporters come to listen to GBM missionaries and enjoy …


Sending New Missionaries

On Saturday 27 January, Christians from many Cornish churches gathered at Penzance Baptist Church for.…

Sending New Missionaries + READ MORE

Making an Impact with Literature

GBM’s aim is to ‘help churches support their missionaries worldwide.’ Our literature ministry, GBMLit, has a …

Making An Impact With Literature + READ MORE

Moving Into Mission

Phil and Lydia Evans moved to Latvia in February to begin their…

Moving into Mission + READ MORE
Week of Prayer 2018

Prayer for Europe - GBM Week of Prayer 2018

With the explosion of Christianity in South America, Africa and parts of Asia, Europe is now the


A Gap Between The Houses

Joe Grimwood is serving an Envision Internship with GBM, based some of the year at Mission Centre in Abingdon, and spending …

A Gap Between The Houses + READ MORE

The Community of the Deaf

Jean Ellis has worked among the Austrian Deaf community for nearly thirty years. Here she explains how such communities work…

The Community of the Deaf + READ MORE
Mark Time and Amazing Acts

Mark Time and Amazing Acts

Partnerships are often crucial in the work of mission. In recent years, Derek French of GBM Radio has had a fruitful …


Go West Go North!

Our two Envision summer teams this year went to Poland, to work with…

Go West Go North! + READ MORE

Summer Report

September marks the end of what has been a busy summer for GBM staff at Mission Centre. Early August saw…

Summer Report + READ MORE
GBM Annual Mission Day 2018

GBM Annual Mission Day 2018

The task of mission is by no means finished. Many nations and people groups remain unreached – that is, the Christians among them are


An Audio Boot-Camp

OneHundredFold is a ministry of UFM that uses a range of media platforms to provide ministry resources for…

An Audio Boot-Camp + READ MORE

Report: Annual Mission Day 2018

Some 700 people joined us in Solihull for our Annual Mission Day. The wonderful…

Report: Annual Mission Day 2018 + READ MORE
A New Church Begins in Bordeaux

A New Church Begins in Bordeaux

James Hammond has served in Bordeaux for four years, focussed mainly on ministry to students through GBU…


Mission: Madeira

Jason and Andrea Murfitt returned to the UK last summer after twelve years’ service in Brazil. Here Jason reports on a…

Mission: Madeira + READ MORE

The Power of Littles

How does your church organize their giving? We were cotacted recently by one church pastor, David Campbell, who told how…

The Power of Littles + READ MORE
How Will You Serve This Summer?

How Will You Serve This Summer?

We are currently recruiting for our 2019 Envision teams, and maybe you could be someone who serves. Envision teams are part of our