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Missionaries supported through GBM find that their support tends to be raised in a different way to other mission agencies. Rather than most of their support coming through individuals such as friends and family, missionaries supported through GBM will gather most of their support from several local churches.

Our regular supporting churches are committed to supporting particular missionaries and backing their giving with their prayers. Of course, individual supporters are also very welcome to give to a particular missionary that they know, or to support the work of GBM through our General Fund.


The structure of our giving is a great encouragement to those who serve. It means that we take responsibility for organising their deputation as they raise their support. It also means that we don’t plaster our website with ‘Donate Now’ buttons, because we want local churches to talk and pray together about who they support as a church, and we want supporters and missionaries to be closely linked over time. Long-term mission needs long-term support.

To help you navigate your way through the practical issues involved, please click on any of the links below.