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Envision Team Latvia 2015

With 2015 quickly approaching, you need to start considering your holidays, where can I go, what should I do. Have you ever thought about asking the question, how can I serve?

An Envision Tea is a great place to grow in your Christian service. Our aim is to connect young Christians with the world of mission, by giving them a demanding experience of cross cultural mission working alongside a long-term missionary.

Being part of a team, you will be managed and led by a team leader so you will never be on your own and as part of the programme the team will spend some time each day studying God’s Word so that you learn to handle it better.

In 2015 there is an exciting opportunity to get involved in the ongoing work in Riga, Latvia alongside Malcolm and Ruth Firth. Malcolm and Ruth are running a church plant in Mezciems, in the East of Riga. They’ve been really encouraged over the past year as they have seen people from many nations begin to come to their church.

The church has a real multicultural flavour to it, containing not only Russian and Latvian speaking Latvians, but people from a wide range of other countries as well. Some services have to be translated into 4 or 5 different languages.

The team programme will include welcoming International Students, reaching out to the growing Chinese community in Riga and some compassion ministry.

Why not consider whether God is calling you to serve him in Latvia?

A full briefing is available on the Envision Teams page.

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