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Two new Across the Nations Downloads from GBM

We produce Across the Nations audio downloads on various mission-related subjects, and we have just uploaded two new editions for you to enjoy. Across the Nations downloads are interviews and documentaries exploring the issues of mission in various cultural contexts across the world, talking both to missionaries supported through GBM and other evangelical leaders from across the world.

Geoff Low served with his wife Rachel as a GBM missionary in Peru in partnership with Latin Link, and now leads the Philip project here in the UK, working with Friends International. Drawing on his experience of both cultures, in this interview Geoff explores the concept of globalisation and how it affects mission in the developing world. What impact does a globalised ‘world culture’ have on indigenous Peruvians? How does a western missionary make the contextual adjustments needed to be effective in serving in Peru? Is Spanish the right language to use in reaching Peru? How should theological training best operate in training Quechua-speaking church leaders? Geoff engages with these questions from his own experience of mission.

Geoff then turns globalisation on its head by explaining his work in Britain with the Philip Project. This is a training scheme that works with international students who have come to study in UK universities, equipping them to understand the Bible for themselves and training them as leaders for when they return home (as Philip did with the Ethiopian in Acts 8). Geoff challenges us to think outside our ‘little Englander’ attitudes and reach out to students and migrants who have come to Britain. ‘If God has placed these communities here, could it be that he has a purpose for us to reach them with the gospel.’ He also points out that the biggest barrier to Muslim evangelism in Britain is fear of Muslims on the part of Christians.    

Leonardo De Chirico is an Italian pastor and theologian who is planting a church in the heart of Rome. Renowned for his theological mind, Leonardo has written extensively in both Italian and English, and writes a blog examining a range of spiritual issues in Italy from a reformed evangelical perspective. In a fascinating interview, he describes his spiritual background, explains current events in the Roman Catholic Church with its current ‘post-modern Pope’ and how the Catholic Church shapes life in the eternal city.

Leonardo also explains how he came to plant a Reformed Baptist church in Rome, building on his previous experience of church-planting bin Ferrara. Leonardo hopes that a church-planting movement will begin to thrive in Italy, and describes the kind of person who is needed to be a missionary church-planter in Italy. ‘The country is ready, we have a new generation of leaders who can engage in mission, so let’s do it.’

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