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Athelington 2014

This year’s Athelington Family Camp is all set to take place from the 2nd to the 11th of August. This year we have Malcolm Firth as our main speaker. Malcolm and his wife Ruth have been working in the country of Latvia for the past 18 years.

Over this time they have been involved in a Russian speaking church; an international church; the Latvian Bible Centre; the Baltic church planting network; compassion ministries; translation work and are currently part of a church that they planted. Such long and varied service has given Malcolm a wealth of wisdom that God willing we all can learn from.

Please be praying in the upcoming weeks for Malcolm and Ruth, especially that God would use his ministry at Athelington to encourage and challenge all those who are there.

Each morning during the main ministry there will also be a children’s meeting running where children get to play games, learn songs, hear bible stories and meet missionaries together.

As well as Malcolm we are joined by several other missionaries, Jason and Andie Murfitt, Daryl and Julia Jones and Daniel Caballero.

Jason and Andie Murfitt will be giving a presentation on their current work in Brazil and how their work has changed and progressed over the years. While the family are currently on a well-earned furlough their work when in Brazil involves reaching out to the local river people whom they live among; running a children’s club on their veranda; visiting remote tribes up the Amazon river; outreach events; encouraging and meeting with local Christians and radio ministry among other things.

Daryl and Julia Jones will be giving a presentation on their recent visit to Kenya to visit and see the work that Graham and Sally Jones are involved in. While on their trip Daryl and Julia will be helping to teach and train local pastors and their wives at a local fraternal and various other meetings.

Daniel Caballero is a new GBM missionary who has recently returned to the UK after 6 months in Peru. Daniel has a real heart to reach his fellow Peruvians and spent his 6 months travelling to different parts of Peru and being involved with various Christian groups. From working in the inner city, to the favelas, to the heights of the Andies and the depths of the Amazon jungle, Daniel travelled to many places to get an idea of the different pressures faced by pastors in Peru.

As well as presentations by various GBM missionaries, there will also be a presentation and update on the work of the many ‘Envisionees’ who have been out on short term missions over the past 2 years. Envision is the name of GBM’s short term mission programme and over the past two years has sent people to work in Mission in Peru, The Philippines, Spain, France and South Africa.

This meeting will be preceded by a BBQ for the young people on camp and those from local churches. If you or your youth group is planning on coming along to the BBQ, please ring to let us know so we can cater for the right numbers.

While there is still time to book if you wish to come, Athelington is also open to day trippers. So if you live close enough and would like to come in to hear a particular missionary or catch up with friends or just spend the day with fellow Christians you are more than welcome.

By using the links below you can find a week long programme and promotional posters for the week or for the Envision evening.

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