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Annual Mission Day 2014

GBM’s Annual Mission Day takes place this year on Saturday 25th October at Friends House, Euston, in London.

The theme of the day is ‘Fruit that will last’. Mission is about making disciples, and growing churches that last. The test of a real work of God is that the day comes when it is no longer dependent on missionaries but can be left in the hands of national Christians. National churches express the gospel in their own culture so that generations to come can own it as theirs.

Much of the work of mission today is not so much pioneering as partnership, working with national Christians to help their churches grow with trustworthy and Christ-like leaders. Come along to explore with us how this works in practice in a number of different situations.

Missionaries taking part include Sukesh and Jenny Pabari, Graham and Sally Jones, Jason and Andrea Murfitt, Matt Gamston, Daniel Caballero, Andrzej Kempczyński and Maciek and Mary Stolarski. Sukesh will also bring the main ministry in the final session.

For more details, go to our Annual Mission Day Page.

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